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Bonjour, I’m Killian Kostiha! I’m a SEO consultant and a digital marketing enthusiast. I’m currently based in Hong Kong and I run my own SEO agency, Get Clicks. I provide tailored SEO services for Hong Kong and French companies. If your goal is to drive more organic traffic to your website, whether your based in Asia, Europe or anywhere else I can certainty help you achieving your objectives. You can find here some information about me and me services.

Personal Information

Full Name
Killian Kostiha
14 May 1985
7F, 40 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 6654 0903



Professional Skills

Content Marketing
Project Management
Social Media
Conversion Optimisations

Experience & Education

Since 2016

Founder – Get Clicks

– Tailored SEO Services (Hong Kong & France)
– Content Marketing & Copywriting
– Website Creation

2015 - 2016

SEO Manager – Lane Crawford

– SEO strategy (HK, CN, ROW)
– SEO trainings for internal teams
– SEO recommendations and UAT

2014 - 2015

SEO Manager – iProspect Hong Kong

– Managing key SEO clients
– SEO business development
– SEO trainings for internal teams

2011 - 2014

SEO Consultant – Citroën

– International SEO Strategy (+50 sites)
– SEO trainings for internal teams
– SEO recommendations and UAT

2009 - 2010

SEO Project Manager – Société Générale

– SEO strategy for
– Revamping of the website
– Implementing new e-banking features

2003 - 2009

Master of E-commerce – UPEC

SEO Services

I propose SEO services in French, English and Chinese, that will help your pages to be more visible in Google in order to generate more organic revenues.

  • SEO Audit : To find solutions to the issues that prevent your site to rank.
  • SEO Requirements : To ensure that your new site will be SEO-friendly.
  • Log analysis : To analyse how search engines crawl your pages.
  • Keyword Research : To find relevant keywords to your business.
  • On-Page Optimisations : To ensure that your content is SEO-friendly.
  • Landing Pages Analysis : To understand how users browse your site.
  • Backlink Audit : To highlight savvy ways to communicate online.
  • Link Building : To improve rankings by getting quality links.
  • Content Marketing & Copywriting : To create new landing pages.
  • Performance Reports : To follow the rankings in search results.
  • Penalty Removal : To remove penalty you might have had.
  • Competitor Analysis : To compare your website to your competitors.
  • Local SEO : To help your site to rank on local queries and Google Maps.
  • International SEO : To make your multilingual site SEO-friendly.
  • SEO Trainings : To share my knowledge about SEO with your teams.
  • English, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified Chinese), French SEO


  • Hong Kong
  • Freedom House
  • Plantin Kaviari Hong Kong
  • Nature Asia
  • Conservateur


Sarah Cook Senior Research Analyst at Freedom House

Killian was a pleasure to work with on the SEO project he did for our organization. He was very patient and generous with his time answering questions both before and after he completed the work. He met deadlines as planned and was very responsive to queries. The quality of his SEO analysis and on-page optimization recommendations was very good.

Thierry Picard Former CEO at Spikly (Keyrus)

Killian was a great bilingual SEO consultant, very pedagogue, pro-active, smiling, knowing how to work within a team. I had a lot of fun working with him and it was unfortunate to see him leaving our company.

Charlotte Rivière Head of Marketing & Communication at Le Conservateur

I had the opportunity to work with Get Clicks for 2 years during my previous work experience. Killian is a professional who, by its responsiveness, expertise and rigour, helped us to achieve ambitious SEO targets.

France Renard Head of Marketing & Digital at Euro CRM

I’ve been working with Get Clicks for 2 years. Passionate, very professional and always available, Get Clicks is a strong partner for our digital development. Thanks to a personalised SEO strategy, our online visibility quickly improved and continue to progress.

Alain Barbotte CEO at Digital Labb

Killian has a real expertise in search engine optimisations. He’s able to explain technical issues to different kind of audience and so are his deliveries. Do not hesitate to hire him for a mission, he’s a real SEO guru.

Raphael Pyrame E-marketing Consultant at Upply

Reliable SEO Expert. I recommend him!

Juliette Eav Former Marketing & Brand Manager at Plantin Kaviari

I have worked closely with Get Clicks for Plantin Kaviari Hong Kong and it was a real pleasure. I strongly recommend Get Clicks for its efficiency, availability, relevant recommendations and very professional work.

Candice Lahouter Digital Project Manager at Le Conservateur

Killian is a pedagogue, easy to reach and very effective. His valuable advices and expertise allowed us to improve the SEO performances of our platforms. It’s a real pleasure to collaborate with him.

Lee Farrer Marketing Consultant at Planet Art

Incredibly quick, thorough and great value work. Thank you so much for being so helpful and efficient.

Manuella Lebresne Marketing Manager at Plantin Kaviari

We have worked closely with Killian for Plantin Kaviari, Hong Kong website. He is helpful, efficient and professional. Thank you for your work and recommendations!



  • What is your background?

    I graduated a master in E-commerce in France and I do search engine optimisation (SEO) more than 10 years. I got few international experiences (France, Spain, Bulgaria, Hong Kong) and I worked for different types of Hong Kong, either as in-house SEO or as freelancer. I’m living in Hong Kong since 2014 and I was SEO manager for iProspect Hong Kong and Lane Crawford before switching full time to my own company, Get Clicks.
  • What is SEO?

    SEO means search engine optimisation and aims at making sure that your website will match search engine ranking criteria so that they will rank your pages higher in search results, when users are typing keywords related to your industry. SEO represents the most interesting source of traffic since you will not have to pay for each click you will receive from Google.
  • How does SEO work?

    To rank the pages, search engines use various criteria :

    • Technical SEO: Search engines need to be able to scan the pages so that they can save them into databases and Internet users will be able to find them when they are searching for something in Google.
    • Semantic SEO: Search engines must understand the topics of your pages which means that relevant keywords should be implemented in the right tags (title tags, headings, content, internal links, ALT Tags…).
    • Popularity (Link Building): Since search engines scan the whole Internet, they will discover links from websites to your pages. Seen as votes, the backlinks will help your pages to have better rankings in search results.

    How does SEO work?

    These three areas will involve various teams within your company. My goal here is to make sure that your pages are compliant with search engines ranking algorithms so they will become more visible in search results.

  • Why does SEO matter?

    SEO is important for any business because Internet users type keyword in search engine and they mainly click the first results. If your pages are not visible enough, users will click on your competitors. Recent surveys show that jumping from position 2 to the first one results in twice the traffic.
    click-through rate in Google

    If a keyword is researched 10 000 times a month, the first results will roughly get 3000 visits while the second will attack 1500 visits.

  • How do you manage SEO projects?

    Since Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy and taking into consideration that the outcomes depend of the possibility to make the necessary changes, from a technical and content standpoint, I generally work on 6 to 12 months (flexible) contracts. I can provide one-off consultation but that would be more for companies that need to have a SEO audit only.
  • Do you have SEO case studies?

    I can send over the case studies. Feel free to contact me for that.
  • How to do SEO in Hong Kong?

    SEO in Hong Kong is quite specific because Google provides three different local versions (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) which implies that if your company wants to cover the whole market, the website needs to be translated and optimised for each language.
    how to do seo in hong kong

    Hong Kong users are also searching through various search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and other Chinese search engines. Of course, feel free to reach me if you have projects in Hong Kong or China.

  • Do you work remotely or in clients offices?

    I am based in Hong Kong but (WeWork in Sheung Wan) and I have clients in Europe, Asia and sometimes in the US.
  • Who are your clients?

    My clients are companies in Hong Kong, France and China Some of them are entrepreneur, SMB or larger companies that are working in various sectors (E-commerce, NGO, Call Center, Real Estate Agencies, Newspapers, Education, Hospitality, Food & Beverages).

    As SEO Consultant or during my previous roles, I had the opportunity to work on various sectors so I have an extensive knowledge about various industries and I would be happy to help you reaching the next step, whether you are part of a large group, a SMB or an entrepreneur willing to perform in search engine results.

  • Can you guarantee great SEO rankings?

    Google clearly states it in its guidelines : No agency or SEO consultant can guarantee for sure that your website will rank.

    No agency or SEO consultant can guarantee rankingsI can guarantee that :

    • If your objectives are realistic.
    • If you have the required budget to reach them.
    • If we implement the recommendations that I will provide.

    SEO takes times but following the advices of your agency or consultant will lead to more traffic. We can run a ROI analysis to better understand how SEO can help your business to grow.

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